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Influence of Wind Speed and Sunlight on Recycled Aggregate Concrete Strength with Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer

양달훈(Dal-Hun Yang) ; 이태희(Tae-Hee Lee) ; 최승재(Seung-Jai Choi) ; 최지훈(Ji-Hun Choi) ; 김장호(Jang-Ho Jay Kim)
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Evaluation of Stress-strain Relationship by Diagonal Tension of Masonry Assemblages

양근혁(Keun-Hyeok Yang) ; 이용제(Yongjei Lee) ; 황용하(Yong-Ha Hwang)
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Multi-model Averaging Method for Time-dependent Deformation in Concrete

차상률(Sang-Lyul Cha) ; 진승섭(Seung-Seop Jin)
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Evaluation of Corrosion Prevention Systems of Strands for PSC Structures

윤인석(In-Seok Yoon) ; 강현구(Thomas H. K. Kang) ; 신형엽(Hyeong-Yeop Shin)
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Evaluation of Effects of Earthquake Load for Precast Concrete Moment Frames

이정윤(Jung-Yoon Lee) ; 신동익(Dong-Ik Shin)
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Shear Friction Behavior of RC Members with High Strength and Large Diameter Steel Bars

이재훈(Jae-Hoon Lee) ; 김호영(Ho-Young Kim) ; 이병수(Byung-Soo Lee)
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Performance Evaluation of Truss Encased Slab with Compression Element Composed of U-shaped Steel and Infilled Concrete in Construction Stage

김문길(Mun-Gil Kim) ; 천성철(Sung-Chul Chun) ; 김영호(Young Ho Kim)
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Seismic Capacity Evaluation and Risk Estimation of Existing Low-rise Reinforced Concrete Buildings in Korea

정원희(Won-Hee Jung) ; 정주성(Ju-Seong Jung) ; 이강석(Kang Seok Lee)
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Evaluation of Flexural Performance of RC Columns Reinforced with Hybrid FRP Sheets

김민준(Min-Jun Kim) ; 김형국(Hyeong-Gook Kim) ; 이진용(Chin-Yong Lee) ; 조민수(Min-Su Jo) ; 김길희(Kil-Hee Kim)
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A Study on a Method to Determine Experimental Variables for Creep and Shrinkage of Concrete

조선두(Seon Doo Jo) ; 송은석(En Seok Song) ; 김진근(Jin Keun Kim) ; 권승희(Seung Hee Kwon)
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