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Title Shear Friction Behavior of RC Members with High Strength and Large Diameter Steel Bars
Authors 이재훈(Jae-Hoon Lee) ; 김호영(Ho-Young Kim) ; 이병수(Byung-Soo Lee)
Page pp.577-587
ISSN 1229-5515
Keywords 대구경 철근; 고강도 철근; 직접전단; 전단전달; 전단마찰 large diameter reinforcement; high strength reinforcement; direct shear; shear transfer; shear friction
Abstract In order to use large diameter and high strength steel bars as shear friction reinforcement, direct shear tests were performed on specimens with reinforcements of 43.0 mm diameter and specified yield strength 550 MPa (610~698 MPa). According to the test results, friction coefficient of high strength reinforcement is 17.5 percent less than that of normal strength re-bars. If the areas of reinforcement are equal, diameter of reinforcement does not affect shear friction strength. Current design equation of shear friction strength could not ensure a constant safety margin for varying design conditions. Therefore, to maintain the safety margin, design equation should be modified by considering the cohesion component of concrete and decreasing the reinforcement component.