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Correlation Analysis between Airborne and Penetrated Chlorides into Concrete on the West Coast of Korea

민지영(Jiyoung Min) ; 이종석(Jong-Suk Lee)
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Performance Evaluation and Prediction of ASR-Deteriorated Concrete Median Barrier Subjected to Impact Loading

정유석(Yoseok Jeong) ; 이일근(Ilkeun Lee) ; 이재하(Jaeha Lee) ; 민근형(Geunhyeong Min) ; 김우석(WooSeok Kim)
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Slow Dynamic Analysis of PCM-LWA-Mixed Concrete Plate Using Nonlinear Resonant Spectroscopy

김률리(Ryulri Kim) ; 최하진(Hajin Choi)
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Plastic Rotation Capacity of Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Beams considering Unit Weight of Concrete

양근혁(Keun-Hyeok Yang) ; 문주현(Ju-Hyun Mun) ; 임채림(Chae-Rim Im)
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Shear Performance and Residual Tensile Strength of High-Shear Ring Anchors for Steel Members Installed in Normal and Repaired Sections

전상현(Sang Hyeon Jeon) ; 김경록(Kyeong-Rok Kim) ; 천성철(Sung-Chul Chun) ; 김재열(Jae Yeol Kim)
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Heating and Mechanical Properties of MWCNT Reinforced Cement Composites

가순조(Soon-Jo Ga) ; 유성원(Sung-Won Yoo) ; 최영철(Young Cheol Choi)
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Probabilistic Repair Estimation in Reinforced Concrete Structure considering Multiple Environmental Conditions

권성준(Seung-Jun Kwon)
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Structural Behavior and Seismic Resisting Performance of Double Walls as PC Special Shear Walls

오영훈(Young-Hun Oh) ; 문정호(Jeong-Ho Moon) ; 김재건(Jae-Keon Kim) ; 이제훈(Je-Hun Lee) ; 신상훈(Sang-Hoon Shin)
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Effect of Beam-Column Joint Model on the Seismic Performance Evaluation for Non-Seismic Designed RC Frame

이영욱(Young-Wook Lee) ; 한창훈(Chang-Hun Han)
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