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Detailed Analysis of Vertical Connector in Modular Roadway Slab Under Temperature and Lifting Loading

김우석(WooSeok Kim) ; 남정희(Jeonghee Nam) ; 민근형(Geunhyeong Min) ; 김경진(Kyeongjin Kim) ; 이재하(Jaeha Lee)
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Evaluating Shrinkage Characteristic of Ternary Grout for PSC Bridge Using Expansive Additive and Shrinkage Reducing Agent

원천봉(Tian-Feng Yuan) ; 안기홍(Gi-Hong An) ; 류금성(Gum-Sung Ryu) ; 고경택(Kyoung-Taek Koh) ; 윤영수(Young-Soo Yoon)
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Combined Effects of Sustained Load and Temperature on Pull-off Strength and Creep Response between CFRP Sheet and Concrete Using Digital Image Processing

정유석(Yo-Seok Jeong) ; 이재하(Jae-Ha Lee) ; 김우석(Woo-Seok Kim)
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Development of Short-span Precast Concrete Panels for Railway Bridge

설대호(Dae-Ho Seol) ; 이경찬(Kyoung-Chan Lee) ; 김기현(Ki-Hyun Kim) ; 윤석구(Seok-Goo Youn)
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Effect of Transverse Reinforcement on the Shear Friction Capacity of Concrete Interfaces with Construction Joint

황용하(Yong-Ha Hwnag) ; 양근혁(Keun-Hyeok Yang)
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Flexural Capacity of RC Composited H-Pile

김민준(Min-June Kim) ; 신근옥(Geun-Ock Shin) ; 정제평(Je-Pyong Jeong)
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Vibration Properties of Concrete Overlays using RS-LMC

김민준(Min-June Kim) ; 신근옥(Geun-Ock Shin) ; 주낙친(Nak-Chin Joo) ; 이광조(Gwang-Jo Lee) ; 정제평(Je-Pyong Jeong)
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A Study on Applicability of Tensile Constitutive Model of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete in Model Code 2010

여동진(Dong-Jin Yeo) ; 강덕만(Duk-Man Kang) ; 이명석(Myung-Seok Lee) ; 문도영(Do-Young Moon)
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The Strength Characteristics of Activated Multi-Component Cement with Kaolinite

김태완(Tae-Wan Kim) ; 김임곤(Im-Gon Kim)
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