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Structural Performance Test of Thermal Heat Prevention Systems with UHPC Ribs and Precast Claddings for Apartment Buildings

진수민(Su-Min Jin) ; 안효서(Hyoseo An) ; 나금옥(Geum-Ok Na) ; 유영종(Young-Jong Yoo) ; 김형근(Hyung Geun Kim) ; 이기학(Kihak Lee)
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Design and Performance Evaluation of Photovoltaic Concrete Structures in Marine Environment Conditions

김예진(Ye-Jin Kim) ; 이순환(Soon-Hwan Lee) ; 김재규(Jae-Gyu Kim) ; 최명성(Myoung-Sung Choi)
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Design Criterion on Development and Lap Splice Lengths for Reinforcing Bars in Tension

최하진(Hajin Choi) ; 양승렬(Seung Yul Yang) ; 정시영(Siyoung Jung) ; 김병국(Byoung Kook Kim) ; 최완철(Oan Chul Choi)
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Behavior Characteristics of CFST Columns - Steel Tube Foundations Socket Connection

이균태(Kyun-Tae Lee) ; 박용명(Yong Myung Park) ; 성택룡(Taek Ryong Seong) ; 김진국(Jin-Kook Kim)
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Study on the Engineering Properties of Cement Composites Using Carbon Nanotubes and Amorphous Metallic Fiber

이재인(Jae-In Lee) ; 김채영(Chae-Young Kim) ; 윤주호(Joo-Ho Yoon) ; 최세진(Se-Jin Choi)
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