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Monotonic Tension and Compression Stress-Strain Model for Longitudinal Reinforcement

고성현(Seong-Hyun Ko) ; 이재훈(Jae-Hoon Lee)
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Effect of Early Curing Temperatures on Compressive Strength Development of Bottom Ash Aggregate Concrete

이혜진(Hye-Jin Lee) ; 김학영(Hak-Young Kim) ; 양근혁(Keun-Hyeok Yang) ; 전용수(Yong-Soo Jeon)
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Evaluation on Mechanical Properties and Thermal Resistance of Lightweight Concrete Using Bottom Ash Aggregates and Expanded Polystyrene Bead

김종원(Jong-Won Kim) ; 양근혁(Keun-Hyeok Yang) ; 문주현(Ju-Hyun Mun)
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Proposals for Enhancing Performance of Repair of Deteriorated Concrete Structures

민근형(Geunhyeong Min) ; 이일근(Ilkeun Lee) ; 정유석(Yoseok Jeong) ; 김우석(WooSeok Kim)
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Maximum Torsional Strength of Reinforced Concrete Beams (II) Correlation with Maximum Shear Strength

이정윤(Jung-Yoon Lee) ; 김길희(Kil-Hee Kim) ; 신동익(DongIk Shin)
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Evaluation of Sulfate Resistance of Mortar with Barium Carbonate

김동현(Dong-Hyun Kim) ; 김형남(Hyoung-Nam Kim) ; 궁빙청(Bing Cheng Gong)
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Shear Strength of Fixed Composite Beams Combining Precast Concrete and Cast-In-Place Concrete

진주현(Joo-Hyun Jin) ; 박홍근(Hong-Gun Park) ; 김철구(Chul-Goo Kim)
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Anchorage Performance of SD600 Reinforcing Bars in Compression in Exterior Beam-Column Joints Subjected to Reversed Cyclic Loading

천성철(Sung-Chul Chun) ; 성민규(Min-Kyu Seong)
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Durability Evaluation of Precast Concrete Using Blast Furnace Slag and Fly Ash

김춘호(Chun-Ho Kim) ; 김남욱(Nam-Wook Kim)
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Effects of Reinforcement Details on Shear Strength of Ultra-High-Performance Concrete (UHPC) Beams with Web Openings

염현수(Hyun-Soo Youm) ; 홍성걸(Sung-Gul Hong)
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