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Evaluation of Shear Behavior of One- and Two-Directional Hollow-core Slabs

이혜정(Hyejeong Lee) ; 손현실(Hyeon-Sil Son) ; 조승호(Seung-Ho Cho) ; 노영숙(Young-Sook Roh)
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Evaluation of Design Shear Strength of Reinforced Concrete Beams with Material Factor

이정윤(Jung-Yoon Lee) ; 신동익(Dong-Ik Shin)
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Effect of Concrete Strength on Chloride Ion Penetration Resistance and Chemical Resistance of Concrete Coated by Siloxane-based Water Repellent

박명주(Myung-Joo Park) ; 이병재(Byung-Jae Lee) ; 김정수(Jung-Soo Kim) ; 김윤용(Yun-Yong Kim)
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Evaluation of Side-face Blowout Strength of SD700 Hooked Bars in Exterior Beam-Column Joint

심혜정(Hye-Jung Sim) ; 천성철(Sung-Chul Chun) ; 김문길(Mun-Gil Kim)
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Derivation of Optimized Shape Equations for Ducts in Deviation Saddles

연정흠(Jung-Heum Yon)
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Evaluation of Axial Compressive Performance of Section Enlargement Strengthening Columns with Prefabricated Reinforcement Units in the Jacket Section

황용하(Yong-Ha Hwang) ; 양근혁(Keun-Hyeok Yang) ; 심재일(Jae-Il Sim) ; 최용수(Yong-Soo Choi)
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Water Vapor Pressure and Spalling Properties of High Strength Concrete Restrained by Steel-Ring

백재욱(Jae-Wook Baek) ; 김규용(Gyu-Yong Kim) ; 남정수(Jeong-Soo Nam) ; 황의철(Eui-Chul Hwang) ; 최경철(Gyeong-Cheol Choe) ; 윤민호(Min-Ho Yoon)
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Application of Meso-scale Finite Element Analysis Method to Tensile Strength of Concrete

이성태(Seong-Tae Yi)
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Influence of Inter-story Strength and Stiffness Ratios on the Seismic Performance of RC Pilotis Type Building

문은철(Eun-Cheol Moon) ; 백은림(Eun-Rim Baek) ; 이상호(Sang-Ho Lee)
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Improvement in Strength of 3D Printed Alkali-activated Slag/Fly Ash Paste

박광민(Kwang-Min Park) ; 이준(Jun Lee) ; 이봉춘(Bong-Chun Lee)
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