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Slant Shear Test for Determining the Interfacial Shear Strength of Concrete Strengthened with Ultra-High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete

임우영(Woo-Young Lim) ; 홍성걸(Sung-Gul Hong)
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Evaluation of Durability Performance of Fly Ash Blended Concrete due to Fly Ash Replacement with Tire Derived Fuel Ash

권성준(Seung-Jun Kwon) ; 윤용식(Yong-Sik Yoon) ; 박상민(Sang-Min Park) ; 김혁중(Hyeok-Jung Kim)
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Effective Moment of Inertia of Flexural Members Based on the Concrete Stress-Strain Curve in EC-2

염환석(Hwan-Seok Yum) ; 김우(Woo Kim)
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Hydration Heat and Strength Characteristics of Cement Mortar with Phase Change Materials(PCMs)

장석준(Seok-Joon Jang) ; 김병선(Byung-Seon Kim) ; 김선웅(Sun-Woong Kim) ; 박완신(Wan-Shin Park) ; 윤현도(Hyun-Do Yun)
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Experimental Evaluation of Bi-directionally Unbonded Prestressed Concrete Panel Blast Resistance Behavior under Blast Loading Scenario

최지훈(Ji-Hun Choi) ; 최승재(Seung-Jai Choi) ; 조철민(Chul-Min Cho) ; 김태균(Tae-Kyun Kim) ; 김장호(Jang-Ho Jay Kim)
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Analytical Assessment of Blast Damage of 270,000-kL LNG Storage Outer Tank According to Explosive Charges

김장호(Jang-Ho Jay Kim) ; 최승재(Seung-Jai Choi) ; 최지훈(Ji-Hun Choi) ; 김태균(Tae-Kyun Kim) ; 이태희(Tae-Hee Lee)
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Evaluation on the Compression Capacity of Transfer Slab Systems according to the Variation of Column Length

심연주(Yeon-Ju Sim) ; 최창식(Chang-Sik Choi)
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Physical Properties Evaluation of Porous Concrete according to Target Porosity and Pumice Contents Ratio for Application of the Aquatic Environment

김우석(Woo-Suk Kim) ; 박재로(Jae-Roh Park) ; 김봉균(Bong-Kyun Kim) ; 서대석(Dae-Seuk Seo) ; 박준석(Jun-Seok Park)
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Nonlinear Seismic Analysis of Hollow Cast-in-place and Precast RC Bridge Columns with Triangular Reinforcement Details

김태훈(Tae-Hoon Kim) ; 나경웅(Kyeong-Woong Ra) ; 이재훈(Jae-Hoon Lee) ; 신현목(Hyun Mock Shin)
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Prediction of Transfer Lengths in Pretensioned Concrete Members Using Neuro-Fuzzy System

김민수(Minsu Kim) ; 한선진(Sun-Jin Han) ; 조해창(Hae-Chang Cho) ; 오재열(Jae-Yuel Oh) ; 김강수(Kang Su Kim)
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