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Evaluation of Self-Sensing Performance of UHPC with Carbon Nanotube

이상훈(Sang-Hoon Lee) ; 한선진(Sun-Jin Han) ; 장범수(Beom Soo Jang) ; 김강수(Kang Su Kim) ; 서수연(Soo-Yeon Seo)
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Study on Shear Performance of RC Beams with Web Openings Strengthened with Square and Octagonal-shaped-Reinforcements

김형국(Hyeong-Gook Kim) ; 이범식(Bum-Sik Lee) ; 정찬유(Chan-Yu Jung) ; 이정윤(Jung-Yoon Lee) ; 김길희(Kil-Hee Kim)
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Shear Strength of Masonry Infill Walls Considering Mortar Plaster Thickness

황유진(Yu-Jin Hwang) ; 강혜령(Hye-Ryeong Kang) ; 이상현(Sang-Hyun Lee)
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Seismic Behavior of Moment Frame Retrofitted by External Buttress-Type Structure according to In-Plane Stiffness of Concrete Diaphragm

강혜령(Hye-Ryeong Kang) ; 노정태(Jung-Tae Noh) ; 이상현(Sang-Hyun Lee)
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Seismic Capacity of Precast Concrete Wall Corresponding to Connection Detail of Vertical Bars at Horizontal Joint

서수연(Soo-Yeon Seo) ; 김승훈(Seung-Hun Kim) ; 차정우(Jeong-Woo Cha) ; 임병호(Byeong-Ho Lim)
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Analysis of Ground Acceleration Amplification for Seismic Design of Non-Structural Member in RC Wall-type Apartment Buildings

강수민(Su-Min Kang) ; 김희도(Hui-Do Kim)
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Behavior of Midspan Splice Joints with Groove for Precast Concrete Beams

이승제(Seung-Jae Lee) ; 엄태성(Tae-Sung Eom) ; 강수민(Su-Min Kang) ; 김대진(Dae-Jin Kim) ; 김승일(Seung-Il Kim)
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Response Modification Factor of Precast Reinforced Concrete Moment Resisting Frame

무하마드 하룬(Muhmmad Haroon) ; 변현우(Hyun-Woo Byun) ; 이범식(Bum-Sik Lee) ; 김길희(Kil-Hee Kim) ; 이정윤(Jung-Yoon Lee)
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Mix Proportioning of Concrete Containing Brick Chips as Coarse Aggregate for Cost Minimization

밀리언 타페세(Million Tafesse) ; 김락현(Rak-hyun Kim) ; 양범주(Beomjoo Yang) ; 김형기(Hyeong-Ki Kim)
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Conceptual Approach to Applications of Reinforced UHPC Non-uniform Solid and Truss Beams

조창근(Chang-Geun Cho) ; 김호연(Hoyeon Kim) ; 김형기(Hyeong-Ki Kim)
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