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Author Guidelines and Submission Procedure for Journal of the Korea Concrete Institute
Enacted in March 1990, recently revised in June 2023


This author guidelines are intended to set forth the instruction for submission of manuscripts to the Journal of the Korea Concrete Institute issued by Korea Concrete Institute (Hereinafter, KCI).

Basis of Acceptability

The manuscripts shall be within the area of interest of KCI and further the knowledge in concrete; and be original in authorship and publication.

Formatting Requirements

  1. A manuscript shall be submitted in HWP, PDF or MS word format.
  2. The language of publication is Korean or English in principle.
  3. The order of the sections in a manuscript shall be Title, Author(s), Affiliation, Address, Abstract in English, Body of Main Text, Acknowledgements, References, and Abstract in Korean, where Title, Author(s), Affiliation and Address must be written both in Korean and English. In case of English article, Abstract in Korean can be omitted.
  4. Keywords shall be provided after Abstract. Maximum 5 Keywords can be provided; and they must be written in English. In case of Korean article, they shall be written both in Korean and English.
  5. Figure(s) and Table(s) shall be constructed in English, not Korean; and they are labeled by Fig. 5 and Table 3 for examples.
  6. Terminologies and symbols shall follow those defined in Concrete Design Code or Concrete Glossary published by KCI; and terminologies and symbols, widely accepted in the other professional field, can be used if they are not defined in the aforementioned document. The symbols must be defined at first.
  7. All units shall comply with International System of Units (SI), which is regulated by Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS). When indicating temperature, degrees in ℃ shall be used. The minute (′), second (″), and the degree of angle (°) do not have a single space between its value and unit.
  8. The length of a manuscript shall be within 8 pages including Figure(s) and Table(s). Excess pages may be published with the consent of the journal editorial board. Additional cost may be charged to the author(s) in the case.


  1. The author with the highest contribution on the manuscript shall be listed first when there are multiple authors. At least one author shall be the member of KCI. The number of authors is limited to 5 people. More than 5 authors can be allowed under agreement of the editorial committee.
  2. An asterisk (*) shall be placed on the right side of the corresponding author, and her/his E-mail address must be provided on the left bottom with underline.
  3. The first author may be the corresponding author as well.
  4. Any changes to authorships are allowed for papers under review. However, a letter signed by authors stating the reason for the change. The change of authorship is not allowed for papers after review process.
  5. All authors must fill in author information including affiliation and position. Minors must indicate his/her final affiliation, position, and year of enrollment.


  1. References shall be arranged by the authors’ name in alphabetical order and be cited in the body of main text.
  2. A reference shall be cited in the main text by its author’s name and publication year in a parenthesis: (Wang and Roush 2000) or Jones et al.(2007) for example.
  3. All references shall be constructed in English; and a Korean reference is marked with (In Korean) after the period.
    The name of conference proceedings, book, report and journal must be in italic, and the details are as follows:
    • Article from an academic journal: Author’s name, year of publication, title, name of the journal, volume, issue, cited pages.
      Paulay, T., Priestley, M. J. N., and Synge, A. J. (1982) Laboratory Study of Flaw Detection in Concrete by Pulse Echo Method. ACI Structural Journal 79(4), 257-269.
    • Book: Authors’ names, year of publication, name of the book, edition, place of publication, publisher, cited pages.
      Wilbur, J. B., Utku, S., and Norris, C. H. (1976) Elementary Structural Analysis. 3rd editon. USA, New York: McGraw Hill Higher Education. 180-220.
    • Report: Authors’ names, year of publication, title of report, place of publication, publishing institute, number of report.
      Bishop, A. W. (1993) Mechanical Properties of Concrete. USA, Illinois: Portland Cement Association. No. CM-92.
    • Article from a conference proceedings: Authors’ name, year of the conference, title, name of the conference proceedings, place and data of conference, place of publication, hosting society or institute, cited pages.
      Sansalone, M., and Poston, R. (1992) Detecting Cracks in the Beams and Columns of a Post-tensioned Parking Garage Structure Using the Impact-echo Method. In Nondestructive Evaluation of Civil Structures and Materials, Colorado 11-13 May 1992. USA, Washington, D.C.: National Science Foundation. 129-143.
    • Thesis: Author’s name, year of publication, title, Master’s thesis or PhD dissertation, publishing institute.
      Jayapalan, P., and Raj, A. (2013) Properties of Cement-based Materials in the Presence of Nano and Microparticle Additives. Ph.D. Thesis. Georgia Institute of Technology.
    • Article by on-line publication: Author’s name, year of publication, title, publishing company, date of preparation, web address, date of access.
      Erickson, J. (2013) Route 141 Testing Baffles Researchers. News-magazine Network, 1 April. http://www.newsmagazin Accessed 21 July 2017.
    • Report by on-line publication: Author’s name, year of publication, title, edition, place of publication, publisher, web address, date of access.
      EFNARC (2002) Specification and Guidelines for Self-Compacting Concrete. Farnham, UK: EFNARC. Accessed 21 July 2017.

Figure and Table

  1. The figure(s) and table(s) shall be appropriately placed in the body of main text.
  2. The figure(s) can be minimized if it is larger than the manuscript standard; and so the size of letter and symbol in the figure(s) requires special care in handling.
  3. The resolution of picture(s) shall be higher than 300 dpi, and the text in the figure(s) shall be within 8 to 10.5 pt in a printed manuscript. The text font in table(s) uses 8 pt.
  4. The picture(s) is printed in greyscale and can be minimized along with the figure(s). Additional cost for color printing, if needed, may be charged to the author(s).
  5. The author(s) shall get a written approval and mark it in an appropriate way if she/he needs to reprint figures or pictures of which copyright is owned by the third party.


  1. The author(s) shall submit one original file of the manuscript through the submission system.
  2. The final manuscript which passed the review shall be submitted within the period specified by the editorial committee.


  1. The author(s) shall proofread the first edited manuscript.
  2. During the proofreading process, the author(s) can not change the contents of the manuscript, and she/he must get an approval of the editorial committee if any change is needed.


The author(s) shall pay fee for the publication. Additional cost for offprinting, if needed, may be charged to the authors.


The corresponding author shall transfer the copyright of the manuscript to KCI.

Conflict of Interest

A possible conflict on economical, personal, or professional details related to the manuscript shall be stated in the Acknowledgements section.


The manuscript questioned on an ethical problem such as plagiarism and multiple publication is handled following the related guidelines of National Research Foundation of Korea.

re-examination of ethics

To ensure the validity of the author ethics regulations, such as authors’ information,  guideline for authors’ ethics shall be reviewed and updated every three year of periodicity.


This guideline is confirmed by the editorial committee, and reported to KCI board of director.


The others not specified in this guideline refers the submission details written in Korean.

By-laws (Effective Date)

The guideline will be effected from the date it is reported to KCI board of directors.