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Material Performance Evaluation of PolyUrea for Structural Seismic Retrofitting

조철민(Chul-Min Cho) ; 최지훈(Ji-Hun Choi) ; 이승훈(Seung-Hoon Rhee) ; 김태균(Tae-Kyun Kim) ; 김장호(Jang-Ho Jay Kim)
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An Experimental Study on the Strength Development of High Strength Concrete in Various Curing Conditions at an Early-age

권영호(Yeong-Ho Kwon) ; 이태왕(Tea-Wang Lee)
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Effect of Recycled Fine Aggregates and Fly Ash on the Mechanical Properties of PVA Fiber-Reinforced Cement Composites

남의현(Yi-Hyun Nam) ; 박완신(Wan-Shin Park) ; 장영일(Young-Il Jang) ; 윤현도(Hyun-Do Yun) ; 김선우(Sun-Woo Kim)
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Evaluation on Structural Performance of Joint with Asymmetric Ribbed Connection Details used in Precast Bridge Deck

정철헌(Chul-Hun Chung) ; 변태관(Tae-Kwan Byun) ; 김인규(In-Gyu Kim) ; 신동호(Dong-Ho Shin) ; 이한주(Han-Joo Lee)
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An Experimental Study on the Development of Electromagnetic Shielding Concrete Wall for Shielding High-altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP)

최현준(Hyun-Jun Choi) ; 김형철(Hyung-Chul Kim) ; 임상우(Sang-Woo Lim) ; 이한승(Han-Seung Lee)
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An Examination of the Maximum Steel Ratio for Reinforced Concrete Flexural Members: Focused on Singly Reinforced Beam with Rectangular

이준석(Jun-Seok Lee) ; 김우(Woo Kim) ; 최승원(Seung-Won Choi)
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eraction and Load Contour Method for Reinforced Concrete C- and H-shaped Structural Walls

남혜성(Hye-Sung Nam) ; 엄태성(Tae-Sung Eom)
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Structural Performance of Beam-Column Connections Using 51 mm Diameter with Different Anchorage Details

김정엽(Jung-Yeob Kim) ; 정형석(Hyung-Suk Jung) ; 천성철(Sung-Chul Chun) ; 김인호(In-Ho Kim) ; 최창식(Chang-Sik Choi)
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A Study on the Structural Performance of Slab-column Joint at Flat Plate Structure Using ECC

최광호(Kwang-Ho Cho) ; 박병천(Byung-Chun Park) ; 최성우(Sung-Woo Choi) ; 류득현(Deug-Hyun Ryu)
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A Study on the Structural Performance of Post Tensioned Concrete Beam and Slab Subjected to High Temperature

최광호(Kwang-Ho Choi) ; 이중원(Joong-Won Lee)
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