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An Experimental Study on the Flexural Capacity of a One-way Void Slab with removable Deck Plate

정민구(Min-gu Jung) ; 최창식(Chang-Sik Choi)
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Evaluation of Prestress Losses of PSC Girder Bridges Using Smart Strand

김상현(Sang-Hyun Kim) ; 박성용(Sung Yong Park) ; 김성태(Sung Tae Kim) ; 박영환(Young Hwan Park) ; 전세진(Se-Jin Jeon)
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Effects of Milled Glass Fibers on the Damage-sensing Capacity of Steel-fiber-reinforced Cementitious Composites

김민경(Min Kyoung Kim) ; 김동주(Dong Joo Kim)
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Estimation of Fatigue Life at Asphalt Concrete Using Adaptive FE Meshes

김종헌(Jong-Heon Kim) ; 김성일(Sung-Il Kim) ; 김기현(Ki-Hyun Kim)
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Evaluation of Fracture Energy for Concrete Interfaces Formed Before Initial Setting depending on Elapsed Time to Meet New Concrete Layer

박상민(Sangmin Park) ; 김경진(Kyeongjin Kim) ; 김우석(WooSeok Kim) ; 정유석(Yoseok Jeong) ; 이재하(Jaeha Lee)
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Evaluation on Flexural Behavior of Shear Walls Seismically Strengthened with Jacket Section Method Using Prestressed Wire Ropes

권혁진(Hyuck-Jin Kwon) ; 양근혁(Keun-Hyeok Yang) ; 변항용(Hang-Yong Byun)
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Durability Evaluation of Ternary Blended Concrete Structures Under Chloride-laden Environment

홍성인(Hong Sung In) ; 김영진(Kim Young Jin) ; 안기용(Ann Ki Yong)
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A Study on the Performance Test of PHC Pile Connection

김희석(Hee-Seok Kim) ; 조정래(Jeong-Rae Cho) ; 진원종(Won-Jong Chin) ; 김영진(Young-Jin Kim) ; 윤혜진(Hyejin Yoon)
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Strength Evaluation of Welded Lap Splices of 19 and 29 mm Normal Reinforcing Steel Bars

김문길(Mun-Gil Kim) ; 천성철(Sungchul Chun) ; 심혜정(Hye-Jung Sim) ; 천경식(Kyoung-Sik Chun) ; 이재훈(Jae-Hoon Lee)
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Experiment on the Hysteretic Behavior of a Hollw PC Column-Half PC Beam Exterior Joint

신덕환(Deuk-Hwan Shin) ; 서수연(Soo-yeon Seo) ; 김강수(Kang-Su Kim)
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