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Structural Stability in Concrete 3D Printing Construction

홍성걸(Sung-gul Hong) ; 박지슬(Ji-seul Park) ; 김남희(Nam-hee Kim)
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Experimental Evaluation of 2-Span Arch Deck RC Composite Structure

양달훈(Dal-Hun Yang) ; 권민재(Min-Jae Kwon) ; 엄기하(Gi-Ha Eom) ; 김성재(Sung-Jae Kim) ; 김장호(Jang-Ho Jay Kim)
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Relations Analysis between Strength and Time-parameter in High Performance Concrete Containing GGBFS Cured for 1 year

박재성(Jae-Sung Park) ; 윤용식(Yong-Sik Yoon) ; 권성준(Seung-Jun Kwon)
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Evaluation of Rate of Chloride Transport for Alumina Cement Mortar with Different Composition of Clinkers

양희준(Hee Jun Yang) ; 심현보(Hyun Bo Shim) ; 진성호(Sung Ho Jin) ; 안기용(Ki Yong Ann)
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Evaluation of Interfacial Performance of Normal Strength Concrete Strengthened with Ultra-High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete through Slant Shear Test

염현수(Hyun-Soo Youm) ; 임우영(Woo-Young Lim) ; 홍성걸(Sung-Gul Hong) ; 조창빈(Chang-Bin Joh)
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Evaluation on Flexural Performance of Void Slabs with Application of Buoyancy Protection Equipment for Void Foamer

손현실(Hyeon-Sil Son) ; 조승호(Seung-Ho Cho) ; 노영숙(Young-Sook Roh) ; 윤성호(Sung-Ho Yoon)
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Strength and Mechanical Properties of Soil Concrete using Liquefied Red Mud According to Addition Method

강석표(Suk-Pyo Kang) ; 강혜주(Hye-Ju Kang) ; 황병일(Byuong-Il Hwang)
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Structural Behavior of Wall-Slab Joints with Mechanical Splice Modules under Cyclic Loading

김문길(Mun-Gil Kim) ; 천성철(Sung-Chul Chun) ; 김상구(Sang-Koo Kim)
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Flexural Performance of Multi-layered Fiber-reinforced Cement Composites with Diverse Interface Shape

권기성(Ki-Seong Kwon) ; 방진욱(Jin-Wook Bang) ; 김윤용(Yun-Yong Kim)
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