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Effect of Natural Sand Content on the Mechanical Properties of Lightweight Aggregate Concrete with Different Compressive Strengths

이경호(Kyung-Ho Lee) ; 양근혁(Keun-Hyeok Yang) ; 최병석(Byung-Suk Choi)
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Optimum Mixture Proportioning of Autoclave Lightweight Aerated Concrete considering Required Foaming Rate and Compressive Strength

윤현섭(Hyun-sub Yoon) ; 양근혁(Keun-hyeok Yang)
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Proposal of Expansion Joint Spacing and Width for Concrete Structures: Concrete Median Barrier Case

정유석(Yoseok Jeong) ; 이일근(Ilkeun Lee) ; 이재하(Jaeha Lee) ; 민근형(Geunhyung Min) ; 김우석(WooSeok Kim)
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Evaluation of Pore Size Distribution and Chloride Diffusion in Steel Fiber Reinforced Mortar depending on Supplementary Cements

홍성인(Sung-In Hong) ; 이현기(Hyeon-Gi Lee) ; 문도영(Do-Young Moon)
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Hysteretic Characteristic of Precast Concrete Wall with Box Type Connector for Vertical Bars under Horizontal Load

김설기(Seol-Ki Kim) ; 서수연(Soo-Yeon Seo) ; 김승훈(Seung-Hun Kim) ; 임병호(Byeong-Ho Lim) ; 차정우(Jeong-Woo Cha)
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Simple Modeling to Estimate Water Permeability Coefficient of Cementitious Materials

윤인석(In-Seok Yoon)
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Properties of Concrete Using Lightweight Aggregate as Reuse of Coal Ash

박조범(Cho-Bum Park) ; 조현태(Hyun-Tae Jo) ; 김용혁(Yong-Hyok Kim) ; 류득현(Deug-Hyun Ryu)
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A Study on the Hydration Behavior and Porosimetry of Ferronickel Slag Powder in Cement Paste

김한솔(Hansol Kim) ; 안기용(Ki Yong Ann)
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Material Properties of Concrete Produced with Bio-polymer Made from Sargassum Honeri for the Repair of Bridge Deck Pavement

현정환(Jung-Hwan Hyun) ; 이선목(Sun-Mok Lee) ; 김윤용(Yun-Yong Kim)
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