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The CO2 Emission in the Process of Cement Manufacture Depending on CaO Content

김상효 ; 황준필
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A Study on Effect of Anchor Plate on Concrete Breakout Capacity and Elasticity-Based Analysis Model of Anchor Plate

신지욱 ; 유영찬 ; 최기선 ; 김호룡 ; 김준희
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A Study on the Shear Behavior of Recycled Aggregate Reinforced Concrete Beams without Stirrups

이정훈 ; 김우석 ; 백승민 ; 강현구 ; 곽윤근
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A Comparative Study on Strength Development, Chloride Diffusivity and Adiabatic Temperature Rise of Marine Concrete Depending on Binder Type

배준영 ; 조성현 ; 신경준 ; 김윤용
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Effect of Substituting Normal-Weight Coarse Aggregate on the Workability and Mechanical Properties of Heavyweight Magnetite Concrete

문재성 ; 문주현 ; 양근혁 ; 이호
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Experimental Studies and Detailing Suggestion for Reinforced Concrete Slabs with Steps

김상희 ; 홍건호 ; 박홍근 ; 한규범 ; 강현구
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