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Structural Behavior of Composite Pier Bridge with Precast Coping

윤상천(Sang-Chun Yoon) ; 최진우(Jin-Woo Choi) ; 김성일(Sung-Il Kim) ; 김선희(Sun-Hee Kim)
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Experimental Evaluation of Internal Blast Resistance Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Tubular Structures under Internal Blast Loading

최지훈(Ji-Hun Choi) ; 최승재(Seung-Jai Choi) ; 이태희(Tae-Hee Lee) ; 김장호(Jang-Ho Jay Kim)
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Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Lightweight Concrete Using Bottom Ash Aggregates

양근혁(Keun-Hyeok Yang)
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Residual Bond Strength of Polymer-modified Mortars Using Re-dispersible Polymer Powder at Elevated Temperature

장건영(Kun-Young Jang) ; 류동우(Dong-Woo Ryu)
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Effect of Material Composition and Porosity on Compressive Strength and Water-resistance of Hwangtoh Bricks

강성훈(Sung-Hoon Kang) ; 권양희(Yang-Hee Kwon) ; 황종국(Jong-Kook Hwang) ; 홍성걸(Sung-Gul Hong)
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Numerical Analysis on Penetration Depth according to Collision Conditions of High-Velocity Projectile and Reinforcing Bars in Reinforced Concrete Panel

김상희(Sang-Hee Kim) ; 신형엽(Hyeong-Yeop Shin) ; 강현구(Thomas H.-K. Kang)
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Carbonation Behavior of GGBFS Concrete Considering Loading Conditions and Cold Joint

황상현(Sang-Hyeon Hwang) ; 윤용식(Yong-Sik Yoon) ; 권성준(Seung-Jun Kwon)
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Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Lightweight Concrete Using Bottom Ash Aggregates and Foam

지구배(Gu-Bae Ji) ; 문주현(Ju-Hyun Mun) ; 양근혁(Keun-Hyeok Yang)
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Behavior of Post-installed Expansion Anchor with Lever Arm in Uncracked and Unreinforced Concrete Subjected to Load Cyclings

염현수(Hyun-Soo Youm) ; 홍성걸(Sung-Gul Hong) ; 김남희(Nam-Hee Kim) ; 박지훈(Ji-Hun Park)
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Effect of Damage Caused by Extracting Cores on Compressive Strength of Concrete

조선두(Seon Doo Jo) ; 권승희(Seung Hee Kwon) ; 김철영(Chul Young Kim) ; 박영석(Young Suk Park)
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