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Title Evaluation of Stress-strain Relationship by Diagonal Tension of Masonry Assemblages
Authors 양근혁(Keun-Hyeok Yang) ; 이용제(Yongjei Lee) ; 황용하(Yong-Ha Hwang)
Page pp.537-544
ISSN 1229-5515
Keywords 사인장응력; 조적요소; 전단변형; 응력-변형률 모델 diagonal shear; masonry element; shear strain; stress-strain model
Abstract Diagonal shear stress-strain relationship at masonry assemblage was experimentally evaluated and generalized on the basis of test results. The main parameter investigated was the compressive strength of the masonry prism. The shear stress-strain curve of masonry assemblage was in proportion to the compressive strength of masonry element, as well as the shear modulus of elasticity, whereas the strain at the maximum strength of the masonry assemblage was in inverse proportion to the strength. Specimens showed diagonal tension failure or combined failure modes as expected for masonry assemblage with higher mortar strength than brick strength. The proposed model exhibited reasonable agreement with test results; as a result, it has a great potential for application as fundamental reference for nonlinear finite element analysis to assess structural performance of masonry walls.