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Relationship between Age and Chloride Diffusivity in Concrete for Nuclear Power Plant Considering Crack Width

권성준(Seung-Jun Kwon) ; 류화성(Hwa-Sung Ryu) ; 천주현(Ju-Hyun Cheon)
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Statistical Analysis on Corrosion and Estimation of Probability on Fracture for Corroded Strand of a Post-Tensioned Bridge on Service

조선두(Seon-Doo Jo) ; 권승희(Seung-Hee Kwon) ; 이윤(Yun Lee) ; 김철영(Chul-Young Kim)
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Direct Tensile Strength and Flexural Performance of Lathe Scrap Reinforced Cementitious Composites

권순오(Soon-Oh Kwon) ; 배수호(Su-Ho Bae) ; 김진우(Jin-Oo Kim) ; 이현진(Hyun-Jin Lee) ; 김성욱(Sung-Wook Kim)
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A Study on the Location of Crack Sources in Concrete by Acoustic Emission Technique

한상훈(Sang-Hoon Han) ; 이웅종(Woong-Jong Lee)
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Characteristics of Carbonated Concrete Image and Automatic Detection Technique

이방연(Bang Yeon Lee)
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Evaluation of Properties of Reinforced Concrete Exposed to Marine Environment and Corrosion Characteristics of Rebar

서지석(Ji-Seok Seo) ; 이봉춘(Bong-Chun Lee) ; 정상화(Sang-Hwa Jung)
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Durability Performance of Concrete Penetrated and Coated by Polydimethylsiloxane for Penetrating Water Repellency

이병재(Byung-Jae Lee) ; 이준(Jun Lee) ; 김윤용(Yun-Yong Kim)
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Material Behavior and Strength Character of 150 MPa Ultra High Strength Concrete Using LCD Glass Powder as Fine Aggregate

김성겸(Seong-Kyum Kim) ; 장판기(Pan-Ki Jang) ; 장일영(Il-Young Jang)
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