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A Study of the Catenary Action for Axially Restrained Concrete Beams in Fire

이승재(Seung-Jea Lee) ; 이원재(Won-Jea Lee)
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Top Bar Effects and Anchorage Strength of D10 Horizontal Reinforcement in Walls

김문길(Mun-Gil Kim) ; 천성철(Sung-Chul Chun) ; 성민규(Min Kyu Seong) ; 김주연(Ju Yeon Kim)
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Shear Force Amplification Effect Addressing Nonlinear Dynamic Response in Slender RC Walls

김성현(Sung Hyun Kim) ; 황현종(Hyeon-Jong Hwang) ; 박홍근(Hong-Gun Park)
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Bacteria Mobilizing Approach for Developing Biomimic Coating Materials for Concrete Protection

윤현섭(Hyun-sub Yoon) ; 양근혁(Keun-hyeok Yang) ; 이상섭(Sang-seob Lee)
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Assessment of Self-Healing Performance of Fly ash Concrete Incorporating PE Fiber and PVA Fiber Using Flexural Test

강충현(Choonghyun Kang) ; 허정원(Jungwon Huh) ; 곽기석(Kiseok Kwak) ; 이방연(Bang Yeon Lee)
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Seismic Performance Assessment of Hollow Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns using an Extended Damage Index

김태훈(Tae-Hoon Kim)
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Minimum Reinforcement Specifications for Flexural Reinforced Concrete Members

김민영(Minyeong Kim) ; 조재열(Jae-Yeol Cho) ; 이형준(Hyung-Joon Lee)
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Temperature Loss Compensation for Semi-adiabatic Test Using Newton's Law of Cooling

안희대(Hee-Dae An) ; 윤현도(Hyun-Do Yun) ; 박완신(Wan-Shin Park) ; 장영일(Young-Il Jang) ; 김선우(Sun-Woo Kim)
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Effects of Steel Fiber Strength and Aspect Ratio on Mechanical Properties of High-Strength Concrete

정권영(Gwon Young Jeong) ; 장석준(Seok Joon Jang) ; 김용철(Yong Cheol Kim) ; 윤현도(Hyun Do Yun)
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A Reevaluation of Anchorage Strength of Headed Bars in Exterior Beam-Column Joints

심혜정(Hye-Jung Sim) ; 천성철(Sung-Chul Chun)
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