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Mechanism of Strength Development in Ultra High Strength Concrete Using the Electric Arc Furnace Oxidizing Slag as Fine Aggregate

이승헌 ; 임두섭 ; 이승훈 ; 이주하
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An Experimental Study on Mechanical Properties of Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Concrete Pavement

박종섭 ; 최성용 ; 정우태 ; 박영환
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Evaluation of Axial Strains of Reinforced Concrete Columns

이정윤 ; 김민옥 ; 김형범
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Analysis of Nonlinear Torsional Behavior for High Strength Reinforced Concrete Structure Using 3-Dimensional Lattice Model

권민호 ; 서현수 ; 임정희 ; 김진섭
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Bond Strength of Near Surface-Mounted FRP Plate in Concrete Corresponding to Space and Bond Length

서수연 ; 김민식
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Experimental Evaluation on Bond Strengths of Reinforcing Bar in Coils with Improved Machinability during Straightening Process

천성철 ; 최완철 ; 진종민
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Torsional Behavior of Hybrid Truss Bridge according to Connection Systems

정광회 ; 이상휴 ; 이종원 ; 최지훈 ; 김장호
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Mix Design Conditions at Early Curing Age of PCS-Coating Material Effected on Improvement in Bond Strength of Coated Rebar

조영국 ; 박동열 ; 김완기
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Evaluation of Design Method and Shear Transfer Capacity on the Horizontal Interface of PC Composite Beams

문정호 ; 오영훈
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