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Title Evaluation of Concrete Cracks Inside Finishing Materials Using Active Thermography
Authors 이명훈(Myung-Hun Lee) ; 우욱용(Ukyong Woo) ; 이주원(Juwon Lee) ; 최하진(Hajin Choi) ; 김종찬(Jong-Chan Kim)
Page pp.243-253
ISSN 1229-5515
Keywords 콘크리트; 균열; 마감재; 비파괴; 열화상 카메라 concrete; cracks; finishes; non-destructive test; thermal imaging camera
Abstract The risk of complex disasters and accidents is increasing due to the rapid increase in infrastructure and aging structures worldwide. Accordingly, as a non-destructive inspection technique to inspect internal cracks and damage in the finishing materials of old buildings, a portable thermal imaging camera (FLIR One Pro) consisting of two camera modules (RGB and thermal imaging sensor) was used to measure the shape and width of cracks on the concrete surface inside the finishing materials. The crack shape and features were extracted through a 2D convolution operation between the measured thermal image and the filter, and then the crack width within the thermal image was derived using pruned exact linear time (PELT), a change point detection technique. A correlation was derived between the crack width measured with the thermal imaging camera and the actual crack widths (0.5 mm, 0.7 mm, 1.0 mm) by counting the number of pixels in the extracted crack area. It was confirmed that the number of pixels in the crack section increased as the crack width increased. As a result, the applicability of thermal imaging inspection techniques to detect internal cracks in finishing materials was verified, and it was demonstrated that quantitative evaluation was possible by deriving correlations based on crack size.