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Title Evaluation of Service-Condition for Seismic Stainless Steel Post-Installed Expansion Anchors?Minimum Edge Distance and Seismic-Tension
Authors 김문길(Mun-Gil Kim) ; 심혜정(Hye-Jung Sim) ; 천성철(Sung-Chul Chun) ; 안영승(Yeong-Seung An)
Page pp.225-234
ISSN 1229-5515
Keywords 후설치앵커; 스테인리스스틸; 사용조건 시험; 내진설계; 연단거리 post-installed anchor; stainless steel; service condition tests; seismic; edge distance
Abstract A newly developed stainless steel post-installed expansion anchor, to enhance durability and seismic performance, was validated according to evaluation guidelines through two service-condition tests: a test at minimum edge distance and a simulated seismic-tension test. Tests at minimum edge distance were conducted for M12 and M16, while seismic-tension tests were performed for M12, M16, and M20. The tests at minimum edge distance indicated that both M12 and M16 exhibited strengths statistically equal to the reference tests, thus equivalent to the current anchor design standards regarding edge distance effects. Unlike the reference tests where concrete breakout failure occurred, the tests at minimum edge distance resulted in splitting failures of concrete blocks. This discrepancy can be attributed to the excessive conservatism of the current guidelines regarding the thickness of concrete blocks compared to actual conditions. Amendments are required in the tests at minimum edge distance to better reflect actual conditions. The simulated seismic-tension tests conducted for M12, M16, and M20 exhibited residual tensile capacity after cyclic loading, exceeding the current evaluation guidelines by more than 10 %, indicating excellent seismic resistance performance.