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Title Effects of Cockle Shells Cleaned with Ultrasonic and Different Cleaning Media on Cement Mortar
Authors 최승하(Seung-Ha Choi) ; 오서은(Seo-Eun Oh) ; 정상엽(Sang-Yeop Chung)
Page pp.217-224
ISSN 1229-5515
Keywords 꼬막패각; 세척; 잔골재 대체재; 역학적 특성; 시멘트 모르타르 cockle shell; cleaning; alternative fine aggregate; mechanical properties; cement mortar
Abstract This study investigated the use of cleaned cockle shells as fine aggregates in mortar specimens to evaluate their properties. The surfaces of cockle shells contain chloride and sulfate ions, which can affect the durability and hydration of concrete. The cleaning process involved the use of water, activated carbon, anion exchange resin, silver nitrate, and ultrasonic treatment, and mortar specimens containing the cleaned cockle shells were produced. The effectiveness of different cleaning materials was assessed using KS F 2713 standards and ion chromatography. The compressive strength of the cement mortar specimens incorporating cleaned cockle shells was measured. To analyze the impact of chloride and sulfate ions on the mechanical properties of the specimens, microstructural analyses, including scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and X-ray diffraction (XRD), were conducted. The obtained results confirmed that the removal of ions and organic matter from the cockle shell surface can affect both the microstructural features and the compressive strength of cement mortars.