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Title Carbonation-Based Service Life Assessment for Regional Mixtures of Concrete: 2) Analysis with Various Durability-Based Design Codes
Authors 유조형(Jo Hyeong Yoo) ; 권성준(Seung-Jun Kwon) ; 김형기(Hyeong-Ki Kim)
Page pp.205-216
ISSN 1229-5515
Keywords 탄산화; 내구수명; 지역; 배합설계; 내구성 설계 carbonation; service life; region; mix design; durability-based design
Abstract A series of studies was conducted to assess the carbonation-based durability of concrete mixes produced in various regions of South Korea. This article presents the second part of the results from our study, in which the service life of concrete was evaluated based on the mix proportions and the measured carbonation rates. Utilizing three durability-based design codes?KDS 14 20 40, JASS 5 (2016), and fib MC2010?the durations required for carbonation to reach the target cover depths were calculated. A significant disparity was observed between the service lives calculated using the mix proportions per the standards and those determined based on the measured carbonation rates. The reliability and robustness of each method were assessed. In addition to determining the concrete mix proportion according to the minimum strength range for the exposure class, it was possible to establish a more effective mix proportion through accurate prediction of durability assessment.