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Title Analysis of the Effects of Sporosarcina pasteurii’s Biomineralization on Cement Mortar Microstructure
Authors 오서은(Seo-Eun Oh) ; 정상엽(Sang-Yeop Chung) ; 김동주(Dong Joo Kim)
Page pp.43-50
ISSN 1229-5515
Keywords 생체 광물형성 작용; 박테리아; Sporosarcina pasteurii; 탄산칼슘; 자기치유 콘크리트 biomineralization; bacteria; Sporosarcina pasteurii; calcium carbonate; self-healing concrete
Abstract IIn recent years, the aging of concrete structures has become a problem, prompting research into crack repair techniques. Notably, self-healing concrete is considered an effective solution due to its capacity to independently repair internal damages, such as cracks, without external intervention. Among the methods for achieving self-healing concrete, the use of bacterial biomineralization offers the advantage of having environmentally friendly and sustainable attributes within cement-based composites. In this study, the effect of bacterial biomineralization on micropores and cracks within mortar was investigated by considering various external curing conditions. A set of cement mortar specimens containing bacteria was exposed to different curing solutions to assess the influence of various external factors. The specimens cured in three different solutions were analyzed after 28 days using compressive strength tests, SEM, XRD, and micro-CT to ascertain changes in micropores and crack areas. The results showed that bacterial-generated calcium carbonate effectively filled micropores and cracks, exhibiting distinct calcium carbonate phases formed under varying culture water conditions.