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Title Design Criterion on Development and Lap Splice Lengths for Reinforcing Bars in Tension
Authors 최하진(Hajin Choi) ; 양승렬(Seung Yul Yang) ; 정시영(Siyoung Jung) ; 김병국(Byoung Kook Kim) ; 최완철(Oan Chul Choi)
Page pp.23-32
ISSN 1229-5515
Keywords 부착강도; 정착길이; 지압각모델; 설계기준; 철근 bearing angle model; bond strength; design criteria; development length; reinforcing bars
Abstract Novel design criteria for the development length of reinforcing bars under tension are proposed, based on analytical expressions for bond strength derived from a bearing angle model. The development and lap splice lengths calculated using this approach are relatively shorter, averaging 10 % and 20 %, respectively, depending on factors such as bar diameter, concrete strength, and confinement, in contrast to calculations made according to the KDS 14 2022 Structural Design Code. The proposed provisions ensure a continuous progression in the development length, thus improving reliability and safety in bar anchorage details. Designers are encouraged to adopt the proposed method for development length calculation, benefiting from its short lengths, systematic approach, and broader applicability compared to current KDS provisions.