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Title Design and Performance Evaluation of Photovoltaic Concrete Structures in Marine Environment Conditions
Authors 김예진(Ye-Jin Kim) ; 이순환(Soon-Hwan Lee) ; 김재규(Jae-Gyu Kim) ; 최명성(Myoung-Sung Choi)
Page pp.11-21
ISSN 1229-5515
Keywords 콘크리트 부유체; 구조거동; 외력하중; 파랑하중; AQWA-structural floating concrete; structural behavior; external force; wave load; AQWA-structural
Abstract There is significant domestic and international interest in the development of solar energy technology, particularly offshore solar technology, to overcome limitations in suitable installation sites. In marine solar technology, the structural integrity of the floating body is crucial for ensuring the safety of solar panels, in contrast to land-based solar systems. However, polyethylene (PE)-based floating bodies are susceptible to durability degradation from UV radiation and fatigue failure. Therefore, this work investigated a concrete floating body made of concrete that provides excellent durability, fire resistance, and ensures safety while floating. To achieve this, a comparative analysis of hydraulic model experiments and ANSYS AQWA simulations was conducted. The structural behavior of the concrete floating body under wave load conditions was evaluated by applying the validated analysis method to AQWA-structural coupled analysis of the actual structure.