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Title Structural Performance Test of Thermal Heat Prevention Systems with UHPC Ribs and Precast Claddings for Apartment Buildings
Authors 진수민(Su-Min Jin) ; 안효서(Hyoseo An) ; 나금옥(Geum-Ok Na) ; 유영종(Young-Jong Yoo) ; 김형근(Hyung Geun Kim) ; 이기학(Kihak Lee)
Page pp.3-10
ISSN 1229-5515
Keywords PC 벽체; UHPC 리브; 프리캐스트 콘크리트; 전단력; LS-DYNA PC cladding wall; UHPC rib; precast concrete; shear capacity; LS-DYNA
Abstract This study focuses on the experimental investigation of thermal heat bridge prevention systems in terms of the shear capacity resulting from bearing loadings supported by precast ultra-high-performance composite (UHPC) ribs with normal concrete PC cladding walls. Five specimens were tested under static loading conditions to examine both structural performance and the thermal behavior of UHPC ribs with and without shear keys. The test results showed that the specimens had excellent structural performance in terms of shear capacity, surpassing that developed by normal concrete by approximately threefold. When the experiment was conducted with various eccentric distances, the bearing load performance was the highest with the smallest eccentric distance provided. It was verified that the shear key presence contributed to enhancing the bearing load performance by about 5 %.