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Title Structural Behavior of Precast Wide Girder-Column Joints under Lateral Cyclic Loading
Authors 장범수(Beom Soo Jang) ; 김재현(Jae Hyun Kim) ; 최승호(Seung-Ho Choi) ; 김강수(Kang Su Kim) ; 황진하(Jin-Ha Hwang) ; 최석동(Suk Dong Choi)
Page pp.289-297
ISSN 1229-5515
Keywords 와이드거더; 프리캐스트 콘크리트; 보-기둥 접합부; 패널존; 내진성능 wide girder; precast concrete; beam-column joint; panel zone; seismic performance
Abstract In this study, precast concrete (PC) wide girders were developed to secure economic efficiency by reducing the amount of slab volume resulting from enabling to shorten the span length of slab. A total of three PC wide girder-column joint specimens were fabricated with different details of reinforcing bars penetrating beams and columns in the joint region. Reversed cyclic loading tests were then conducted to evaluate structural performance, from which the lateral behavior of all the specimens were compared in detail. In addition, seismic performance of the proposed PC wide girder-column joints was quantitatively evaluated based on the acceptance criteria of the ACI 374 report.