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Title Plastic Hinge Models for Seismic Performance Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Piers with Lap Splices
Authors 김태훈(Tae-Hoon Kim) ; 엄기영(Ki-Young Eum) ; 고태훈(Tae-Hoon Koh) ; 신현목(Hyun-Mock Shin)
Page pp.253-261
ISSN 1229-5515
Keywords 내진성능; 교각; 겹침이음; 파이버 보-기둥 요소; 소성힌지모델 seismic performance; bridge piers; lap splices; fiber beam-column element; plastic hinge model
Abstract This paper presents an analytical prediction of seismic performance of reinforced concrete bridge piers with lap splices, using a fiber beam-column element with a plastic hinge model. The fiber hysteresis rule of the beam-column element is derived from the uniaxial constitutive relations of concrete and reinforcing steel fibers. Inelastic deformation in a plastic hinge region results in plastic rotation. The plastic hinge mainly depends on nonlinear characteristics such as lap splices. In particular, the bond-slip behavior of lap spliced reinforcing bars, dominantly developed with the occurrence of cracking at the end face in a column, is taken into account by defining the relationship between the steel stress and the bond-slip. The proposed numerical method for seismic performance assessment of reinforced concrete bridge piers with lap splices is verified by comparison with reliable experimental and analytical results.