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Title Evaluation of Structural Performance for Prestressed Concrete Hollow Core Slabs
Authors 이용준(Yong-Jun Lee) ; 김형국(Hyeong-Gook Kim) ; 김민준(Min-Jun Kim) ; 이진섭(Jin-Seop Lee) ; 김길희(Kil-Hee Kim)
Page pp.505-512
ISSN 1229-5515
Keywords 설계기준; 휨강도; 중공 슬래브; 프리스트레스트 콘크리트; 전단강도 design code; flexural strength; hollow core slabs; prestressed concrete; shear strength
Abstract In this study, flexural and shear tests with height of section as variable was conducted to evaluate the structural performances of prestressed concrete hollow core slabs (HCS) produced by extrusion. Eighteen HCS specimens were fabricated and four-point bending test on HCS specimens was conducted. Test results showed that the ratio of analytical to experimental results for flexural strength and shear strength averaged 1.01~1.04 and 1.47~1.86, respectively. It was confirmed that the HCS specimens tested in this study have sufficient structural performances that exceed requirements recommended by the design codes KCI 2017 and ACI 318-14. Moreover, the flexural strength values of the HCS specimens were 1.63~1.77 times higher than the cracking moment and satisfied the ductility qualifications of the crack grade recommended by the design codes.