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Title Mechanical Properties and Fiber Distribution of Fiber Reinforced Mortar with Pulverized Ladle Furnace Slag and Steel Fiber
Authors 이무(Mao Li) ; 김진만(Jin-Man Kim)
Page pp.493-503
ISSN 1229-5515
Keywords 전기로 환원 슬래그; 강섬유; C12A7; 복합섬유 보강 시멘트 복합체; 섬유분산 ladle furnace slag; steel fiber; C12A7; hybrid fiber reinforced cementitious composite; fiber distribution
Abstract The hybridization of different types of fibers may play an important role in the control of cracks and the production of high-performance concrete. This paper reports experimental results on mechanical properties and fiber distribution conditions of a fiber reinforced cementitious composite. In particular, pulverized rapid cooling ladle furnace slag is used as cementitious material instead of ordinary Portland cement. Consequently, mixtures with 1 % of steel fiber exhibit maximum flexural strength improvements of 30 % when compared with the plain mixtures. Moreover, image analysis was conducted to obtain experimental data of the orientation and distribution of the embedded steel fibers. With the specific mixing process and binder material, the steel fiber exhibits an average angle in the range of 58.1~62.5° to the friction section.