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Title CO2 Emissions and Environmental Impact Assessment ofBottom Ash Aggregate Concrete
Authors 지구배(Gu-Bae Ji) ; 김희재(Hee-Jae Kim) ; 양근혁(Keun-Hyeok Yang)
Page pp.485-492
ISSN 1229-5515
Keywords 바텀애시 골재; CO2; 환경영향평가; 단위시멘트양 bottom ash aggregates; CO2; environmental impact assessment; unit cement content
Abstract The objective of this study is to propose empirical models to straightforwardly assess the CO2 emission and environmental impact of bottom ash aggregate concrete (BAAC). The system investigated for these assessments was based on Korean lifecycle inventory from cradle to preconstruction, which includes consistent materials, transportation and production phases. On the basis of analyzing a database including 90 datasets for BAAC, the CO2 emission and environmental impacts for each category were empirically formulated in the following forms: 1.0B for CO2 emissions, and α1B for each environmental impact, where B is the unit cement content. The experimental constant α1 can be determined to be 5×10-8 for global warming, 2×10-8 for photochemical oxidant creation, 1×10-9 for acidification, 7×10-10 for eutrophication, 2×10-10 human toxicity, 2×10-8 for abiotic resource depletion, 9×10-8 for total impact.