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Title Anchorage Behavior of D22 SD600 Reinforcing Bars in Compression Terminated in Exterior Beam-column Joint of 60 and 90 MPa Concrete
Authors 성민규(Min-Kyu Seong) ; 천성철(Sung-Chul Chun)
Page pp.475-484
ISSN 1229-5515
Keywords 압축정착; 부착; 지압; 고강도 재료; 갈고리 철근 compression anchorage; bond; bearing; high strength material; hooked bar
Abstract Since reinforcing bars are mainly subjected to tension, research on anchorage in compression is very limited. It is not necessary to consider the influence of the rear-cover in development in tension. However, anchorage strength of compressive bars should be evaluated considering the influence of the rear-cover, because failure can be caused by side-cover or rear-cover concrete breakout. In this study, experiments on anchorages of reinforcing bars in compression terminated within exterior beam-column joint was carried out with rear-cover thickness as the main experimental parameter. Experimental results show that the contribution of the bearing for compression anchorage increases as the thickness of the rear-cover increases. When sufficient rear-cover thickness is secured, relative slip between reinforcing bars and concrete is reduced, thereby increasing the bond strength. Due to the favorable influence of the rear-cover, it is economical to make the embedding length as short as possible, within a range of embedment length to column width ratio of 0.56 to 0.72, because within this range similar anchorage strength was developed.