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Title Pore Structure and Physical Properties of Heterogeneous Bonding Materials of Recycled Aggregate according to Carbonation Reforming
Authors 신진학(Jin-Hak Shin) ; 김한식(Han-Sic Kim) ; 정란(Lan Chung) ; 하정수(Jung-Soo Ha)
Page pp.341-348
ISSN 1229-5515
Keywords recycled aggregate ; attached cement paste ; attached mortar ; accelerated carbonation ; pore structure
Abstract At present, about 40 million tons of concrete is dismantled each year, which accounts for the largest portion of the total amount of construction waste with 60.8%. It is known about 97.5% of it is recycled. However, most of the usage of waste concrete is limited to lower value-added business areas, and considering the increasing amount of waste concrete generated due to the deterioration of structures, the need for converting waste concrete to structural concrete is urgent. Therefore, this study aims at estimating the period for the optimum carbonation reforming to improve the quality of recycled aggregate, by making use of the method of accelerated carbonation reforming of the bonding heterogeneous (cement paste and mortar) for the purpose of converting recycled aggregate to structural concrete. Based on the period appropriate for the heterogeneous thickness and each bonding thickness of recycled aggregate which was drawn from previous studies, the changes in the characteristics and physical properties of pore structure according to progress of accelerated carbonation were analyzed. The result shows that with the progress of carbonation, the pore volume and the percentage of water absorption of the bonding heterogeneous decreased and the density increased, which indicates improvement of the product quality. But after certain age, the tendency was reversed and the product quality deteriorated. Synthesizing the results of previous studies and those of the present study, this study proposed 4 days and 14 days respectively for the period for the optimum carbonation reforming of recycled fine aggregate and recycled coarse aggregate.