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Title Investigation of Early-Age Concrete Strength Development Using Hardening Accelerator
Authors 김규용(Gyu-Yong Kim) ; 김용로(Yong-Ro Kim) ; 박종호(Jong-Ho Park)
Page pp.309-316
ISSN 1229-5515
Keywords cold weather concrete ; curing temperature ; unit cement contents ; early-age strength ; hardening accelerator
Abstract In this study, performance of hardening accelerator types which promote setting and hardening of cement has been reviewed in order to develop early age strength of concrete with compressive strength of 21~27 MPa after examination of strength development of the concrete at early age according to curing temperature and unit cement(binder) content. As results, soluble mineral salt showed better hardening acceleration effect than organic salt in the scope of this study. Also, hydration reaction accelerating effect of C3S by Soluble mineral salt is effective on development of early age compressive strength and it was shown that the Pt’s hydration reaction accelerating effect was the best. Construction duration reduction can be expected by securing compressive strength for prevention of early aged freezing damage in 25hour-curing time under curing temperature at 15°C. Also, it was shown that compressive strength of specimen cured at 5°C was similar with plain specimen cured at 10°C. Therefore, it is expected that fuel costs and carbon dioxide can be reduced when the same construction duration is considered.