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Title Seismic Performance of Circular RC Columns Retrofitted Using Ductile PET Fibers
Authors 소라삭바치라판야쿤(Sorrasak Vachirapanyakun) ; 임명관(Myung-Kwan Lim) ; 최동욱(Dong-Uk Choi)
Page pp.289-298
ISSN 1229-5515
Keywords glass fiber ; PET ; seismic strengthening ; moment capacity ; ductility
Abstract An experimental research was performed using fibers for the purpose of retrofitting existing reinforced concrete circular columns. Glass fiber (GF) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) were used as well as combined GF+PET (HF). PET has high tensile strength (over 600 MPa) and high ductility (about 15%), but has very low elastic modulus (about 1/6 of GF). A total of four columns was tested against laterally applied reverse cyclic load: control column, GF-, PET-, and HF-strengthened columns. All columns retrofitted using fibers demonstrated improved moment capacity and ductility. Moment capacity of GF-, PET-, and HF-strengthened columns was 120%, 107%, and 120% of the control column, respectively. Drift ratio of all retrofitted columns also increased by 63 ~ 83% over the control column. The final failure mode of the control column was main bar buckling. The final failure mode of the GF- and HF-strengthened columns was GF rupture while that of the PET-strengthened column was main bar rupture in tension. No damage was observed for PET at the ultimate stage due to excellent strain capacity intrinsic to PET. Current test results indicate that PET can be effectively used for seismic retrofit of RC columns. It is noted that the durability characteristics of PET needs to be investigated in the future.