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Title Microstructure and Properties of Mortar Containing Synthetic Resin using Image Analysis
Authors 이빛나(Binna Lee) ; 민지영(Jiyoung Min) ; 이종석(Jong-Suk Lee) ; 이장화(Jang-Hwa Lee)
Page pp.59-65
ISSN 1229-5515
Keywords 합성수지 ; 중성자 차폐 ; 이미지 분석 ; 주사전자현미경(SEM) ; X-ray CT synthetic resins ; neutron shielding ; image analysis ; SEM ; X-ray CT
Abstract Commercial synthetic resins with great amount of hydrogen atoms were investigated for neutron shielding aggregates. Total three types of resins were considered in this study: high density polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene (PP), and ultra molecular weight polyethylene (UPE). When these resins replaced 20, 40, 60 vol% of fine aggregates, mechanical properties were first evaluated including compressive and tensile strengths, and then image/microstructure analyses such as cross-section analysis, SEM, and X-ray CT were performed. The results showed that the compressive and tensile strengths decreased with the increase of replacement ratio of HDPE and PP, which was found through image analysis that it was closely related to the distribution of resins at the failure surface of test specimens. The strength reduction of UPE was quite small compared to HDPE and PP but it abruptly increased when the replacement level exceeded 60 vol%. The results of microstructure analyses indicated that the replacement level significantly affected the amount of air void so that it is critical to determine the reasonable amount of UPE to make cementitous materials for neutron shielding.