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Title Analysis of Axial Restrained Behavior of Early-Age Concrete Using Sea-Sand
Authors 박상순 ; 송하원 ; 조호진 ; 변근주
Page pp.331-340
ISSN 1229-5515
Keywords 초기재령 콘크리트; 해사; 구속응력; 건조수축; 균열; early-age concrete; sea sand; restrained stress; shrinkage; cracking
Abstract In this paper, finite element analysis is applied for simulation of cracks due to restraining autogenous and drying shrinkage at early-age concrete. A micro-level heat hydration model and a shrinkage prediction model along with a moisture diffusion model are adopted for the finite element analysis. Then, an axial restraint test is carried out for concrete specimens containing different amounts of chloride ions to evaluate stress development and cracking due to the restraining shrinkages at early ages. Test results show that the increase of contents of chloride ions increases restrained stress, but does not increase strength. By this increase of shrinkage strain at early-age, time to occur the crack is accelerated. Finally, stress development and cracking of concrete specimens containing different amount of chloride ions we simulated using the finite element analysis. Results of the analysis using the Proposed model are verified by comparison with test results.