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Title System Development for Analysis and Compensation of Column Shortening of Reinforced Concrete Tell Buildings
Authors 김선영 ; 김진근 ; 김원중
Page pp.291-298
ISSN 1229-5515
Keywords 고층구조물; 부등축소; 해석시스템; 시공단계; 데이터베이스; tall buildings; differential shortening; analysis system; construction sequence; database
Abstract Recently, construction of reinforced concrete tall buildings is widely increased according to the improvement of material quality and design technology. Therefore, differential shortenings of columns due to elastic, creep, and shrinkage have been an important issue. But it has been neglected to predict the Inelastic behavior of RC structures even though those deformations make a serious problem on the partition wall, external cladding, duct, etc. In this paper, analysis system for prediction and compensation of the differential column shortenings considering time-dependent deformations and construction sequence is developed using the objected-oriented technique. Developed analysis system considers the construction sequence, especially time-dependent deformation in early days, and is composed of input module, database module, database store module, analysis module, and analysis result generation module. Graphic user interface(GUI) is supported for user's convenience. After performing the analysis, the output results like deflections and member forces according to the time can be observed in the generation module using the graphic diagram, table, and chart supported by the integrated environment.